paintball equipment

the most important paintball equipment - masks

For the ultimate Paintball experience, you need quality Paintball equipment. We provide all the equipment you need, so you only need to concentrate on one thing - Paintballing!

paintball masks the most important piece of paintball equipment

These aggressively styled Paintball masks offer unparalleled protection - and are some of the safest goggle systems out there for any age or playing level. Paintball masks are the most important piece of Paintball equipment available at any site, so we use only proven quality JT equipment. With double - glazed thermo lenses, these masks are fog free. Fully adjustable to fit all sizes.

paintball equipment - markers

paintball markers

Lightweight, yet reliable, Inferno Paintball markers wont let you down. Capable of accurately firing 8 Paintballs per second, our infernos run on compressed air for improved reliability and quick refilling. Includes 200 round Viewloader hopper and free compressed air.

upgrade your paintball equipment with a ben tippmann omega paintball marker
paintball equipment - coveralls

combat coveralls

Tough material coveralls, designed to protect clothes and for manouvreability.

other paintball equipment supplied

Rhino Paintball battlepacks, and 100 shot Paintball pots.

We can also provide hire of a Paintball Snood for 6.

paintball equipment includes quality paintballs

Your Paintball equipment includes quality Paintballs - we don't use cheap Paintballs. For safety reasons, only Paintballs purchased from SAS Paintball UK can be used.

Extra Paintballs cost: 100 Paintballs - 6.00. 500 Paintballs - 25.00. 2000 Paintballs - 90.00.

pyrotechnics and smoke grenades

We recommend fairly thick, loose clothing - and boots, hats and gloves. We supply all safety gear and combat coveralls. We also sell gloves and hats on site.

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